Secure Client Portal for Seamless Communication

We built our web portal to be both secure and easy to use so your physicians would find value in working with it.

Often portals combine a series of disjointed requirements or have been built as an afterthought, which means they have quirks that clients must work with o work around. Many portals are built using old technology and simply are not able to take advantage of modern web functionality and user experience.

We made our portal to be a seamless extension of LIMSABC, a place where each of your clients can come and easily enter new requisitions and access all of their information. Our portal can also be used as a stand alone system that interfaces to existing LIS systems through HL7 requisitions and access all of their information. Our portal can also be used as a stand alone system that interfaces to existing LIS systems through HL7 integration.

A Portal Built for Ease of Use

We built our portal using a modern LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python) stack and use industry-leading cloud partners such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft to host our solution so you always have world-class uptime, accessibility and scalability. Our underlying technology enables us to offer to offer a full web experience to your clients.

We designed everything to be easy and intuitive to reduce the barrier to your client’s adoption. We streamlined the interface to display only the items that your clients need, arranged in a way that logically follows their information requirements and workflow. For example, our home screen lists only new reports, and displays previously viewed or downloaded reports in a different view, so that when clients log in they have their most current information at their fingertips. They can batch download all or selected reports based on client, physician, site, and other values.

We streamlined the requisition process and created patient, client and physician databases so that LIMSABC electronically populates each requisition with as much information as possible. For example, patient insurance information is added from existing patient data, and medical tests are included from the physician’s profile or the practices’ profile. Since every item is not digital, we included interfacing with image scanners. After you scan supporting information that appears on hard copy, the system saves the scanned image to file and automatically attaches it or otherwise uses it in the requisition. When you save the requisition, the barcode for the sample automatically prints for easy tracking.

A Portal Built for your Clients

To ensure that all the information your clients need is at their fingertips, we built the following features and more into our Client Web Portal:

  • Electronic requisitioning
  • Full patient database with patient demographics and insurance information
  • Barcode generation and printing
  • Batch downloading of all new or selected reports
  • Panel, test, and ICD code selection
  • Scanning, imaging, and uploading of supporting information
  • Ability to view each requisition’s status
  • Easy access to new reports and batch downloads
  • Patient analyte trend data
  • Positive summary reports over selected time ranges
  • Bi-directional HL7 interfacing to your existing LIS, EMR’s, billing and other systems
  • Fully web enabled access from any device, anywhere - no local software required

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