We’ve all heard the stories about lab information system deployments that were over promised and then under-delivered.


Often today’s LIMS and LIS systems require functionality and are used in ways that were never thought of when these legacy systems were designed - and as such may be working in less than optimal ways. Furthermore, the out-of-the-box code is often too generic, designed for a one-size fits all philosophy, for most of today’s applications. Databases may not be structured optimally or functionality that would make the system perform better just may not exist. Often in these legacy LIS systems, there’s more than just sunk cost, there are also custom features, development and institutional knowledge that make replacing the existing system too costly and/or simply take too much time to replicate.

Get more from a more optimized system

The good news is you can often get more performance out of your existing system by giving your legacy lab informatics system a performance tune up and an experienced professional services team with laboratory domain experience can help you do it. For example, if you find performance has decreased as your sample volume has grown, we may be able to make changes to the system that eliminate accessing the database unnecessarily. In addition, we can redesign your table triggers to improve SQL statements that take a long time to execute. We can make additional modifications that allow you to access information faster and more efficiently to make the system scale better with increasing volumes. A system review of a legacy informatics system may identify bottlenecks, and we can usually provide recommendations to improve processing time and eliminate time out errors. Deeper improvements can be made by analyzing key business and operational needs. We can often optimize the design of workflows for the current work process. Sometimes a system can be better tailored to your needs by making some enhancements to system configurations. When we update legacy lab information systems that were built over decades, we can identify a good deal of unnecessary code that adversely impacts performance.

Don’t be limited by outdated systems

Customers frustrated by report templates that haven’t been updated in years? Rebuilding those templates using Crystal Reports or other tools doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t have to pay exorbitant vendor fees to have it done. Often these templates can be modified by our professional services team at a fraction of the price that a legacy lab informatics vendor would charge. Furthermore, we can upgrade to a newer version of your LIS, including data migration, at a considerably lower price than a legacy vendor.

Access decades of lab informatics domain expertise

You can access decades of lab informatics domain expertise, on a short term project basis to start getting more from your system today, whether you need:

  • Performance tuning to get your system working optimally
  • System configuration and solution architecture
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Building Crystal Reports
  • Custom coding and development
  • Instrument integration
  • Server configuration
  • System Validation
  • End-User Training
  • Administrator Training
  • System Upgrade
  • Data Migration

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